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        Please call 831-917-4051/918-957-5053


           Thanks everyone for visiting our site!!

           Mailing address is:   P.O. Box 836

                Broken Arrow, OK, 74012


V & H Fresh Race Team Cars Consist of :  
1   2016 D1 Chassis
1   2019 D1 Chassis
1   2015 D1 Chassis
1  2021 Triple X Sprint
2  2019 Triple X Sprint
1  2018 Spike Midget
1  2021 Triple X Sprint


V & H Fresh Race team is funded by me and me alone.  It's difficult funding a team of this size by myself but honestly, I'd prefer not to have it any other way.  Now, I'm not opposed to having sponsorship or even some help.   But I like what we've built and we're doing just fine!

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