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   Vince  A.  Rosa,

Race Team Owner

                  Welcome and this is the V & H Fresh Race Team Bio !!                                                                                             "warning"

Before reading this Bio, Please understand I want to  speak as real as possible so you know who we are.  No disrespect intended.  If you offend easily, Please return back to the pretty race car pictures.  



The V & H Fresh Race Team was formed in 2013 and is a product of my passion for racing.  We race and own a wide variety of chassis and set out not to find the best drivers in the Country.  But the best people that just happen to be great drivers.   Loyalty to the race family, team and sport for us is all that matters.   This race team is a "Band of Brothers " that run together, fight together, race together, party together and we protect one another.   We win together and when we lose, we lose together.   It's the definition of who we are.  If your about yourself or feel you're an individual not interested or capable of being a part of a team,  YOU'RE NOT WELCOME HERE,  PERIOD! 

We are a family of one.  We're on a mission to take the sprint car, Midget racing world by storm.  We are well equipped, well-funded, well respected and well experienced in our desire to be the best at our craft.   Through hard work, competitive drive and hunger, we're prepared to do what it takes to get to the winner's circle.  Some teams and drivers don't like us and you don't have too, but you better respect us because we're not going away.  We are a team of Brothers.  It's a bond like no other.

We appreciate and respect the competition and when we're on the track we race with pride, dignity, respect and professionalism at all times.   We treat all with respect and expect the same.  If not, well I promise we'll figure it out.    We don't look for confrontations.  But we will not run from them, That I promise you.

As you can see from this website, I'm very proud of my team.  When accepted into this race family you enter a brotherhood, a family of one.  There is no room for individuals.  We support each other from start to finish & protect one another unconditionally, with honor and mutual respect.  WE RACE TO WIN BUT ALWAYS RACE CLEAN.   For those who race dirty we have a saying.... I'D PREFER TO TELL YOU IN PERSON!    We plan on building lifelong relationships, and we want to make a statement here in our hometown of Broken Arrow, OK.  We are not just a race team; we are a race FAMILY.  We'll see you at the track!


                                                                              Thank you for visiting



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