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2024 Chili Bowl Midget Race as our first race of the year !!

28 MARCH                        Creek County Speedway              POWRI NATIONAL MIDGET SERIES (

29/30 MARCH                 Port City Raceway                          POWRI  NATIONAL  MIDGET SERIE (R)

5th April 2024                US 36 Speedway                             XTREME MIDGET SERIES/

6th April 2024                Sweet Springs Motor Complex    XTREME MIDGET SERIES/

12-13 APRIL 2024         Farmercity Speedway                    POWRI & XTREME OUTLAW MIDGET SERIES

19-20 APRIL 2024        Super Bee Speedway                       ASCS National, ASCS Gulf South Region, 

27th April 2024            I44 Raceway, OKC                             POWRI MIDGET SERIES

3-4 MAY 2024               RPM Speedway                                  ASCS National Tour (make up race) 

10 MAY 2024                 Meeker, Red Dirt Speedway          ASCS National, ASCS Sooner Region (R)

11 MAY 2024                 Salina Highbanks Speedway         ASCS National, ASCS Sooner Region (R)

17 MAY 2024                 Creek County Speedway                 ASCS SOONER REGION  (R)

18 MAY 2024                  Caney Speedway                               ASCS SOONER REGION 

22-22 MAY 2024            Milbridge Raceway                          Xtreme Midget series

24-25 MAY 3034           Atomic Speedway                             Xtreme Midget Series /World of Outlaws Sprints

31 MAY 2024                 Rush County Speedway                   ASCS National Tour

01 JUNE 2024               Dodge City Raceway Park               ASCS National Tour

7-8 JUNE 2024              Elk City Motor Sports Park            ASCS Sooner Region 

13 JUNE 2024               Creek County ,M.Walker Classic   ASCS National, ASCS Sooner Region (R)

14 JUNE 2024               Arrowhead Speedway                      ASCS National, ASCS Sooner Region

15 JUNE 2024               Lawton Speedway                             ASCS National, ASCS Sooner Region (R)

21 JUNE 2024               Two Pistals Motor Speedway         ASCS National Tour

22 JUNE 2024               Batesville Motor Speedway           ASCS National Tour

28-29th JUNE               Tulsa speedway                                  ASCS National/Sooner Region (R)

5-6  JULY  2024              Lake Ozark Speedway                    POWRI National Midget series

9 JULY 2024                   Meeker Red Dirt Speedway            USAC  NATIONAL MIDGET SERIES   ???

12 JULY 2024                 Gallatin Speedway                           ASCS National Tour

13 JULY 2024                 Electric City Speedway                   ASCS National Tour

19 JULY 2024                  Thunderbird Speedway                  ASCS National, ASCS Sooner Region (R)

20 JULY 2024                  81 Speedway                                     ASCS National, ASCS Sooner Region

27 JULY 2024                 Knoxville Raceway, Knoxville 36  ASCS NATIONAL PREP RACE 

01-02-03 AUGUST 2024   Knoxville Raceway, Knoxville   ASCS National Tour

16 AUGUST 2024           Creek County Speedway                 ASCS SOONER REGION (R)

17 AUGUST 2024            81 Speedway                                     ASCS SOONER REGION

23 AUGUST 2024            WaKeeney Speedway                      West Kansas Show Down

24 AUGUST 2024            Dodge City Raceway Park             ASCS National Tour

30 AUGUST 2024            Outlaw Motor Speedway                ASCS National, ASCS Sooner Region

31-1 AUGUST 2024         Lonestar Speedway  2 DAY RA    ASCS Gulf South Region

06 SEPTEMBER 2024    Mississippi Thunder Speedway    ASCS National Tour

07 SEPTEMBER 2024    Winneshiek Raceway                       ASCS National Tour

10 SEPTEMBER 2024    Clay County Fair Speedway            ASCS National Tour

13-14 SEPTEMBER         Southern Illionois Raceway           POWRI National Midget series

19-20-21 SEPTE  2024   Hunt County Raceway                      ASCS GULF SOUTH REGION 

27-28 SEPTEMBER 2024   Riverside speedway                      ASCS VS  USCS CARS WAR

04-05 OCTOBER 2024    Big O Speedway                                 ASCS Gulf South Region Tour

11 OCTOBER 2024           Benton Speedway                              ASCS National Tour

12 OCTOBER 2024           Paducah International Raceway   ASCS National Tour

19 OCTOBER 2024           Creek County Speedway  1 day      ASCS Sooner Region (R)

25-26 OCTOBER 2024    Big O Speedway                                  ASCS National Tour/Golf South Region

15-16 NOVEMBER 2024   Placerville speedway,                    USAC NATIONAL MIDGET SERIES

20 NOVEMBER 2024        Thunderbowl Speedway,  CA          USAC NATIONAL MIDGETS SERIES

22-23 NOVEMBER 2024  Merced Speedway,  Merced CA     USAC Midgets/360 WINGED SPRINTS 

26 NOVEMBER 2024        Bakersfield speedway, Bfield, CA USAC NATIONAL MIDGETS

29/30 NOVEMBER 2024 Ventura Speedway, Ventura, CA    USAC MIDGETS AND 360 SPRINTS.

















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